Shading blade

Makeup needles shading blade for eyebrows

At Biocutem, you can find a full line of professional tattoo equipment and supplies including lip, eyebrow, eyeliner pigments, Permanent Makeup Shading Needles and much more. Today, permanent makeup has become the number one solution for all women. This form of cosmetic tattooing is becoming more and more popular as all clients get awesome results despite their age. Each permanent makeup artist needs professional needles and high-quality pigments to implant them into the skin and create a more defined shape. We have established Biocutem to help all permanent makeup artists get the best supplies of this industry. Here, you can find quality Permanent Makeup Shading Needles and use it in the long run.

We are also happy to offer Eyebrow Shaping Blades Online. All women who are not satisfied with their eyebrows can opt for this method and they will never regret it. These blades are available in three waterproof shades of colors that last more than 3 days. If you don't feel confident but you want to look your best then hurry up to visit us to order Eyebrow Shaping Blades Online. This is an easy-to-use technology of dyed cream for eyebrows. Women should never feel stressed as they don't have defined brows as this new method can help them look perfect and reach their eyebrow goals. Just remember that you need to follow some steps before using this method. When you trim your eyebrows don't use any kind of makeup or skincare product. Just apply some amount of the blade to achieve the desired shape of the eyebrow. Then let it dry at least 30-40 minutes or 2 hours for stronger coloration. Make sure you apply it before going to bed at night and remove in the next morning. Also, note that they should be removed slowly. So what are you waiting for? Visit Biocutem and order what you need!

Shading blade

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